MGY builds mobile health applications for each project, tailored to each community program based on ongoing feedback and evaluation. Our mobile health applications run on tablets. Community health workers use the tablet and mobile app for recurring education with videos, documents, and quizzes, and local data collection for patient care monitoring and disease surveillance. Each program is different and each application was developed to help facilitate health education delivery and resources to a particular community. Please see three examples of current applications we developed below. Keep in mind that, with each application, there is constant adaptation with updates quarterly, so our applications have continued to improve over the last several years. Because MGY works in some of the most remote, underserved regions in the world, such as the Peruvian Amazon Jungles, our application development team create functionality that allows remote health workers to use the app without a wifi connection. Later (which could be months), when wifi becomes available, the app takes care of uploading collected data to the cloud.

Peruvian Amazon

App: Selva

VHTs Uganda

App: Laro Kwo

Madera, CA