Our Story.


MGY is the formula for potential energy in physics and is derived to yield the goals of our NPO: M (Mass) interpreted as a community; G (Gravity) interpreted as barriers holding a community from a healthy lifestyle; and Y (Distance) interpreted as the distance needed to close in order to change potential health into actual healthy living. No matter what the barrier, MGY’s mission is to reduce health disparity by working with communities to help them provide sustainable resources for themselves through innovative means- ultimately changing potential into kinetic energy (for you scientists mgy=1/2mv2=we want the 1/2mv2-aka change to moving energy)

Our Primary Goal is to work with communities to create capacity for Community Health Workers with training. NGO’s we have worked with/and are working with, Health In Harmony/Project Amazonas, understand the critical relationship between environmental and community health and have similar goals: augmenting health in communities to help save the rainforest. Although we don’t exclusively work in one region, our goals are very similar as we believe access to healthcare is a human right and no person should ever have to choose between health access and environmental destruction due to health costs.

Finally, we believe that by addressing infant and maternal health, health education, health access, and healthcare with innovative methods practiced by CHWs, we can offer a solution that is currently changing the interface between the rural sick and access points to health delivery. Physician shortages are rampant across developing areas with often less than two physicians per 100,000 residents. Furthermore, rural communities in developing regions are constantly struggling with costs of living aside from comparatively high costs to care coalesced with costs to cross terrain to find access. The answer in both the literature and practice is training CHWs to provide life-saving care to communities worldwide. This is our mission.

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