Promotoras Frente a la Obesidad

In Spring 2017, MGY teamed with Camarena Health and Valley Children’s Hospital, began a community led program to help train promotoras who are working on the front lines educating and teaching families about health promotion. Camarena requested a training program catered to pediatric health education and one that would expand to include a train the trainer methodology to help enhance future sustainability. The current program timeline is outlined below:

  1. Spring 2017: Discussions on program development between all partners and plan for initial meetings

  2. Summer 2017: Review of greatest health needs as outlined in VCH Needs Assessment and Madera County Health Needs Assessments.

  3. Fall 2017: Chose childhood obesity as central topic for program and discussed program, including both education/intervention, plans for next year.

  4. Winter 2017/2018-Winter 2018/2019: One year of ongoing education training on tablets (see MHEALTH tab) regarding childhood health/nutrition from birth to adolescents. This will provide a core set of guiding principles for promoters to hold with them during family interviews/education/future intervention.

  5. Spring 2019: Transition current promotoras to educators as they re-create training material in preparation to expand program to additional promotoras initially in Camarena and then Fresno County.

  6. Spring 2019: Begin intervention

We currently would love to partner, hear your ideas, work together, etc. Please email for more information regarding this program.