Promotoras: Chaparral, New Mexico

In June 2017, MGY teamed with Dona Ana Public Health Department, began a community-led program to help train promotoras who are working on the front lines educating and teaching families about prevention. Five Community Health Workers were chosen to do a 3-day workshop that included podcasts and powerpoint presentations. The CHW’s helped with community surveys that included community perception of promotoras and what the community was interested in. 

  1. January 2019: Discussions and meetings with Anabel Canchola Program director for CHWs in Dona Ana County regarding a partnership.

  2. March 2019: Community surveys handed out to 150 residents of Chaparral, NM at stores. 

  3. May-June 2019: Assessments reviewed and education material created using American Family Physician and CDC recommendations. Podcasts recorded by Dr. Lara after the material was translated to Spanish and revised. Powerpoint presentation was done with the help of Dr. Matsushita and Dr. Espindola-Camacho.  

  4. June 2019: David Tseng and Sam Waggoner, IT helped create the application “MGY_educate” including all powerpoints, podcasts, and a google form to obtain basic demographics of residents who used CHWs. 

  5. June 26-28: Chaparral CHW training 2019 was done, Pre-assessment questionnaires were done to have a baseline knowledge of workshop material. Topics given include:

    • Substance use disorder

    • Obesity

    • Nutrition 

    • Diabetes

    • Mental health 

    • Vital signs: how to take them

    • Cancer

    • Asthma

    • Chronic medical conditions

    • Arthritis

    • HIV

    • STIs

  6. Summer 2019: Promotoras have tablets with both applications to teach community residents and record basic demographics with vital signs and education given. Reassessment will occur in 6-12 months. 

We currently would love to partner, hear your ideas, work together, etc. Please email for more information regarding this program. Being fluent in spanish is a plus but not absolute requirement.