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Promotores de Salud Peruanos (PSP)

The MGY Promotor de Salud Peruanos program began in 2011. It grew out of the communities' drive to create a sustainable community health worker (CHW) network in the Amazonas District in Loreto, Peru. Since 2011, MGY has carried out 5 training workshops and trained twelvepromotores de saludin medical attention and health promotion. 

In 2011, MGY carried out a health needs assessment to determine the most frequent health concerns. In order to address these, we trained the CHWs how to perform first aid, recognize malaria and severe dengue fever, how to care for children with diarrheal illness, and other medical skills important to their communities.. 

Since that time, MGY has teamed up with the regional Ministry of Health and several NGOs in the area to develop a standardized CHW education curriculum that can eventually be turned over to the local government. The communities are grateful to have the promotores available to them, and the promotores are proud to be the first line of healthcare in the communities. 

We are always open to new ideas as well as strategic partnerships. If you are interested in working together, please email Dr. Hirschbaum at

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