Global Health Honors Society


MGY supports the development of student organizations that have a similar mission and set of values. Currently, MGY works closely with ATSU Global Health Honors Society: Capacidad (information below). 

Mission Statement

The purpose of Capacidad is to provide interprofessional/disciplinary resources to underserved communities both locally and abroad. Capacidad, in reference to capacity-building encompasses our mission in one word: capacitance. Community Health Workers (CHWs) are the bridge between health access and healthy communities, and we strive to amplify education with training and innovative tools. Additionally, all projects must have community input and participation throughout the entirety of training.  


1.     Work aside and assist in training lay-health workers (eg. promotores, CHWs, etc.)

2.     Utilize community-based participation as a model to empower and develop sustainable health-training programs

3.     Collaborate with different interprofessional health organizations/colleges to develop annual projects abroad.

4.     Learn to work with various NGO’s, Academic Institutions, local health ministries, etc. in the process of developing a collaborative team for building capacity.  

5.     Develop a strong-foundation in developing teaching skills including but not limited to working with: curriculum development, community participatory learning and development, long-distance innovation with e-health programming, podcasting, varying learning styles and levels of education, practical skills development and retention assessment, and diversity in language/culture.

6.    Set a strong framework for future innovative global health capacity development projects and experiences.