Guadalupe “Lupe” Chavez

Board of Directors / Cofounder / Chief of Business Development

No single approach to human care is the right one, yet one that comes from passionate people with the right ideas, resources and partnerships is bound to go beyond the rest. As a co-founder of MGY, Lupe seeks to guide the organization in a path that changes lives of those in need around the world and those seeking to make a difference in the world. He will focus on MGY’s organizational management, marketing, social media, legal, business development, fundraising, administration, partnerships, community outreach, and human resources.

To bring about this change, Lupe brings over 10+ years of experience in different business fields such as: legal, B2C, B2B, marketing, political, property management and education. He brings along skills in recruiting, social media, community outreach, sales, management, consulting, networking, project management, research and fluency in English & Spanish. In addition, he passionate about helping his community through neighborhood clean ups, university guest speaker events and his membership in Rotary.

Lupe received his Bachelors of Science in 2012 in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Human Resources from California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) San Luis Obispo. He has five Associate in Arts degrees from Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo in the following areas: Business Administration, Management, Marketing, General Studies, and Transfer Studies and was fortunate to attend one semester at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana for Architecture.