Tavo Olivas Jr.

Assistant Director of Spanish Curriculum Development

Tavo moved to Flagstaff, Arizona from Nogales, Mexico where he was born and raised. He was a Biology major at Northern Arizona University where he graduated with a BS in Biology in 2013 and recently completed his Master in Public Health through Grand Canyon University.

Tavo has been active in his community through volunteering and working at a community health center. As a Spanish medical interpreter he became immersed in family medicine which further inspired him to become a physician. He volunteers with physicians in Flagstaff and Mexico; helping those in need to improve their health.

Currently, he works as a care manager providing care coordination and health coaching for the purpose of empowering people to improve their health. Passionate about medicine, Tavo has applied to medical school and plans to make a positive contribution to the community that helped him thrive. Undoubtedly, he will continue to volunteer to help those worldwide improve their health status.